lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Tears Won't Hurt - Short Film

Auntwayne is a teenager dealing with an internal battle brought on by his brother's murder, Cardel. Knowing who committed the crime, he decides to follow the law of the streets until his mother stands in his way, making his world collapse into uncertainty. 6 years later, Auntwayne, now known as Liam, has changed from a boy into a man. With Becky by his side, a beautiful but jealous girl, Liam is left to deal with the risks of the path he has taken as a drug dealer

Devauna McFarlene, Ema Staicut and Jennifer Joseph
Directed by Carlos Dittborn
Written by Devauna McFarlene and Carlos Dittborn
Produced by Audrey Chemin
Original Music by Denis Ikonnikov
Editing by Hiran Balasuriya and Carlos Dittborn
Director of Photography and Grading by Carlos Dittborn
Sound Recording: Luis Celomudo
Art Direction: Alejandra Maturana and Eulanda Shead
Roto/Paint Artist: Alessandro Pieri
Camera Assistant: Allan Schlesinger
Lighting Assistants: Ayotunde Owoseni and Romario Orlando Gray

Produced by Cinemadiccion Producción Audiovisual
London, United Kingdom
January 2014.

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