martes, 24 de abril de 2018

Stone Cold - Short Film

Two friends, with a brotherhood relationship, meet in a secluded area to talk about a troublesome matter. After finding out his fiancé committed infidelity, and feeling like he has nothing else to lose, Danny plots his revenge and seeks the help of his best friend Moses, but their friendship will be put to the test as the trust between them both breaks. With a lot of anger and confusion in the air, vengeance seems like a likely outcome; then again, life’s not set in stone. As they say, All’s fair in love and war.

Devauna Auntwayne McFarlane and Adekali Turay

Directed and Edited by Carlos Dittborn
Written by Devauna Auntwayne McFarlane
Produced by Carlos Dittborn
Devauna Auntwayne McFarlane and Audrey Chemin
Music by Enrick Adam
Director of Photography and Colourist - Carlos Dittborn

Camera Assistant - Allan Schlesinger
Direct Sound Recordist - Luis Celomudo
ADR Recordists -Yannick Olivier Cauwenbergh
Sound Postproduction - Gonzalo Zamora
Produced by Cinemadiccion Producción Audiovisual
in co-production with Mary Peters Productions.
London, United Kingdom

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